Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Interview with Author: Eric Sobolik (Zombie Love: The Outbreak)

Hey guys! We are very honored to be able to have an interview with Mr. Erik Sobolik, author of Zombie Love: The Outbreak.
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Zombie Love: The Outbreak

1.     Tell us a little about yourself?   
      Eric: I am from Anchorage, Alaska, where I was born and raised. I just moved to Seattle, WA about three months ago with my awesome girlfriend and our little Pomeranian (his name is Little Bear), and so far am completely loving it.  Yes, I have a day job, and I hope that my passion for writing will someday take over and become that day job. I love technology, video games, and I believe that everybody should go sky diving at least once in their lives.

2.       Who are some of your favorite authors?  
      Eric: I think the author that has had the most influence on me as a writer would be Stephen King, but some of my other favorites are definitely Terry Brooks, Craig Thompson, George R.R. Martin, and most things by David Gaider. I love David Gaider mostly for his work in video games i.e. Dragon Age.
3.       Books that you currently have on your shelf?   
      Eric: Fury by Salman Rushdie, Blankets and Habibi by Craig Thompson, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, but my most beloved book currently on the shelf is my first copy of The Sword of Shannaraby Terry Brooks that I received as a birthday present when I was twelve and read in two weeks. Two of the pages are stuck together with gum (hey, I was twelve) but I still read it from time to time.

4.       Tell us something about your book?   
       Eric: Zombie Love: The Outbreak actually started out as a joke. I thought it would be funny if a person was in love with a zombie, which of course could never reciprocate any of those feelings of love. As the story evolved, I realized that if (when) the zombie apocalypse happened, every single person would be in love with a zombie. Every zombie would be somebody’s mother, brother, husband, daughter. And so the idea became much less silly and more realistic. Who knows, maybe this is exactly what would really happen.

5.       Why are you fascinated by Zombies?   
       Eric: I love video games. As such, I have been exposed to zombies my entire life. I feel that recently, zombies have evolved in the world of film with movies like 28 Days Later and they have always been so successful in video games that I thought it was time to make zombies new and interesting in the literary world.

6.       Who is your favorite character?   
       Eric: My favorite character is definitely Dale Kissinger, and the only reason I like him more than Summer right now is that he plays such an important role in the second book, and I knew he was going to as soon as I started writing him. Summer obviously also holds a special place in my heart. Not a lot of heroines like Summer out there.

7.       Any advice to aspiring writers?   Yes. Write. I know that is cliché, but seriously, just write. The more you write, the better you get, and the better you get, the less chance of being call an “aspiring writer” and the more chance of just being called a “writer”.


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