Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Larkstorm (Larkstorm 1) by Dawn Rae Miller

Title: Larkstorm (Larkstorm 1)
Author: Dawn Rae Miller
Published: Jan 12th 2012 by FinnStar Publishing

Book Description:
In the years following the destructive Long Winter, when half the world’s population perished, the State remains locked in battle against the Sensitives: humans born with extra abilities. 
As one of the last descendants of the State’s Founders, seventeen-year-old Lark Greene knows her place: study hard and be a model citizen so she can follow in her family’s footsteps. Her life’s been set since birth, and she’s looking forward to graduating and settling down with Beck, the boy she’s loved longer than she can remember.  
However, after Beck is accused of being Sensitive and organizing an attack against Lark, he disappears. Heartbroken and convinced the State made a mistake, Lark sets out to find him and clear his name. 

My Thoughts:
                              She must kill the boy she loves, unless he kills her first
                  I love post- apocalyptic books and Larkstorm is one of my favorites. It’s not the typical zombie, asteroid, nuclear or alien invasion. I admit! I was surprised about it!! I don’t post spoilers so you have to read this book to find out what cost the destruction. You will be stunned! I like how the author created Lark’s world.  It is very authentic; I can imagine myself living in there.
  Lark Greene, lives a life under the State’s Rule; where everyone is expected to be a good citizen.  She is a descendant of one of the State’s founders, so she is treated differently. She was set to follow her mother’s footsteps and to act like a role model to everyone. But that made her feel trapped.
 Lark is betrothed to Beck since birth. And have been close ever since. But everything had changed when the Sensitives tried to kidnap her. Beck had mysteriously disappeared and considered a Sensitive. She was confused, there were many unanswered questions, and lies are everywhere. She then decided to leave The State to look for Beck.  Secrets will be uncovered… Can Lark clear Beck’s name?  Can she handle the truth about her destiny?
 The story is magical, I was hooked! The books had all my favorite elements: action, romance, post-apocalyptic and dystopic. There is no LOVE TRIANGLE! Yay! I don’t like choosing between two hot guys.
Overall, I enjoyed this book! I don’t want it to end. I recommend this book to post-a apocalyptic, dystopian and paranormal lovers. It is now part of my Top Favorite Books ! Sequel please.
I give this book 4 whales.

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