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Review: 39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers #2 A King's Ransom by Jude Watson

Title: A King's Ransom ( 39  Clues: Cahill vs Vespers #2)
Author: Jude Watson
Published: December 6th 2011 by Scholastic Press
Book Description:

Amy and Dan are in a race for their lives . . . and the enemy may be even closer than they think. 
When seven members of their family were kidnapped by a sinister organization known as the Vespers, thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older sister, Amy, vowed they'd stop at nothing to bring the hostages home. But then the ransom comes in and the Vespers demand the impossible. Amy and Dan have just days to track down and steal an ancient map. The only catch? No one has seen the map for half a century.

Now Amy and Dan are on a desperate search that will lead them to the Nazis, spies, a mad king and some of history's dirtiest secrets. It's the race of their lives . . . and one misstep will mean certain death for the hostages

My Thoughts:

Time for my second review. Book Hoarder here. :D Finally took the time to read this book. Just like with Inheritance, I already bought this book just after it was released but I only finished it now. 
This is the latest addition to the long running 39 Clues Series by Scholastic and after about 13 books and some ebooks, they are still coming up with good surprises and good plot twists. For me a good twist in the story is really an important part. Now lets procede with the Negatives and Positives.


As I have said, this is a long running series so for me I kind of expected that the longer it takes to wrap the story the quality will drop. But they proved me wrong. With the second book to Cahills vs Vespers there were a lot of surprises for me.

1. Lots of Characters appeared in this book and this made me happy. With a lot of people involved it creates a more exciting and intense atmosphere. The part that surprised me the most is that the format of  the story now is somewhat similar to how Dan Brown and Steve Berry tells their story in each book. Lots of things are going simultaneously at the same time but different places. That what makes this book so exciting to read. The dynamics and interaction between the characters is put into good news.

2. The atmosphere also changed. When Dan and Amy were hunting for the 39 clues there was a "kid happy part" about them that I like but with here they are serious young adult saving lives. For me this a level of maturity that the books need at this point and I am glad with it.

3. A history lesson is also a good part. But Im really not sure where the facts and fiction lies. But neverthless they really made good use of good locations and people to include in the story.

4. What made me read this series is that it reminds me of Amazing Race while reading it. It takes you to different part of the world. That part still exists in this book. :D

5. Lasty, as I have said above, there were a lot of twists. These twists is a good development for the story. It makes me want to immediately read the next book. and isnt that what a book should do to us.. make us want more so yeah definitely a BIG POSITIVE!


Not a lot of negatives I must say :D

1. I understand what made Dan changed to who he was in this book. He has a dark side to him now born because of Vesper One's action. I accept this, I really do. For me it only became a negative because I am nervous on how he will be on the future because I really dont want him to be a killer. He has now a tendency to be someone who can kill people easily. And I also share the concerns of Amy for his brother.

2. Lacking of "near death" scenes which equates to me that action is little bit low on this book.

3. I just think that they find the clues this time a little bit easy compared to the other books.

So if you have read this book what is your reaction?? Are you  excited this March for Dead of Night or not?
As for me I will continue reading it and I am really excited on the next book :D

Dont hesitate to drop a comment below.

I rate this book 4.5 whales.




  1. Wow 13 books. I don't even think I've heard of this series before. It's kind of intimidating haha. It sounds pretty intriguing though. Also, amazing race is really interesting to see all parts of the world! Though I haven't watched in in so long. The last one I remember there was a super old couple in like their 70s riding a big plastic elephant and they were stuck or something. It was hilarious. Anyways, great review! :)

  2. @giselle Hello :D yup there are 13 books now so far but they are really easy to read since every book has an average of 200 pages. and you are right reading the books will bring you to different parts of the world and you will definitely enjoy it.:D Thanks for the lovely comment :D -BookHoarder

  3. Your review just reminded me that I've been wanting to read this series for a while. I like adventure series that take place in different parts of the world. And Jude Watson has written some of the books.
    I have a question though: can the books be read alone? I mean, without the cards, online things, etc. or are those extra things important?

    1. Hello @hellen you can read the books with just the books alone. I have been doing that and I think I am not missing anything important. The Cards and online thing are just extra I think :D
      Where are did you stop reading the books by the way? :D
      -Book Hoarder-

    2. I never started reading this series. I saw one book in a shop and it looked interesting, but they didn't have the first one. And lately I've been hearing people talk about these books.
      I'll see if I can find the first book after I finish reading the pile on my desk.

    3. oooh okok..I hope you get the first book :D -Book Hoarder-

  4. My son and I just got the first book of this series at a library book sale. We are planning to read it together. :)

    I was tagged in a question event and in turn have decided to tag you too. If you don't participate or don't want to, no worries, I won't take it to heart. ;-) I know we are all busy with reading and blogging as it is. I just thought it was a fun different thing to do on my blog, so when I was tagged I decided...why not. LOL!

    "rules" are in my post:

  5. @angie Hi hello :D wow mother and son bonding over 39 clues. I am glad you picked this series. I think you and specially your son will be happy to read Maze of Bones. :D Have a happy time reading it together :D

    as for the question event I need to ask my fellow bloggers if I can answer it since Im not the only blogger of this page :D

    -Book Hoarder-


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