Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: The Never Prayer by Aaron Michael Ritchey

Title: The Never Prayer
Author: Aaron Michael Ritchey
Expected Publication: March 26, 2012  by Crescent Moon Press
Book Description:
The Fury of Heaven.
The Desires of Hell.

A Broken Girl:
Shattered by the death of her parents, Lena knows she is not handling her sorrow well – keeping to herself, running drugs, risking her little brother. But she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her disintegrating family together.

Two Lost Souls:
Lurking on the edges of the afterlife, Chael and Johnny Beels have spent centuries manipulating events, one pushing for good, the other sowing chaos. Now these two desperate souls have taken human form to play a dangerous game of hope and despair with Lena trapped in the middle.

The Ultimate Sacrifice:
Lena must maneuver the shadowy realm between angel and demon, love and lust, good and evil, until she finds the courage to see the truth and make the ultimate sacrifice.

When do we struggle to change the world?
When do we let go and embrace life’s broken beauty?

 My Thoughts:

I was fortunate enough to be given a copy directly from the author. I’m always drawn to angel stories and the blurb sounds exciting.

 This book is a bit slow for me in the beginning. There were loads of grammatical errors. But I still pushed it through and finished the book.

The story is about a broken girl named Lena. She had lost both of parents and lives in poverty. She makes money by dealing drugs. Then two lost souls or should I say, two hot guys turned her life upside down. Who are they really? And why are they drawn to her? You have to read this book to find out

The world building is not that amazing. It was not a smooth read for me. There were loads of grammatical errors. The scenes tend to change in a fast manner, where you can’t grasp what is really happening.  I had a hard time finding what the author really wanted to show the readers.

The character building is okay. I like how each characters have their own voice and unique personality. Lena is the main character here. She is selfless, brave and vulnerable. She cares a lot for Jozey, her younger brother. Chael is the light that surrounds Lena; he is always there for her. Johnny is the opposite. He is the dark that envelopes her. The boys were described in a mouth watering way. Light and dark, even their physical attributes contrast.

This book has potential. Lots of huge realizations about how good can conquer evil.

Over all, this book is okay. A fast read for action and mythological lovers.

I give this book 2 whales.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing the book.

    I wrote for so long in isolation, it's nice to have a book out in the world. Rough, but nice. But isn't that life?

    Thanks again!


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