Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview: Suze Reese

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1. Give us 4 short "Good to know facts about you" (Be Creative)
Good to know? Hmm...okay:
- I I know every word of every Beach Boy's song, which I know marks me as both old and a dork.
- I keep a supply of chocolate in my bedroom closet.
- I'm abnormally limber and can do weird and useless things like put my leg behind my head.
- Sometimes I go to a local restaurant that sells the most amazing flan you can imagine and have it for lunch. Nothing else. Just flan. 

2. What Inspired you to write "ExtraNormal"
A college evolution course of all things. During the lectures, I started imagining a world that started out just like ours, but diverged along the way to create a race very similar but with different abilities. By the time the semester was over I was ready to start writing. 

3. What was your favorite scene to write? 
The party. I actually wrote it first, even though it's in the middle of the book. It's pretty intense - there's an attack and a rescue and a romance. To me it's pivotal to the story.  

4. Favorite ice cream flavor?
You had to go and ask that. I could just say chocolate and call it good. But I guess I'll be honest, even though you'll think I'm nuts. But I'll have to explain something first. I'm a recent cancer survivor, so I try to eat as healthy as I can. One of the things I do is blend up spinach and freeze it in ice cube trays. I drop my spinach cubes in pretty much anything I can. So one of my favorite treats is to take organic vanilla ice cream (which is amazing by the way), put it in the blender with some berries and my spinach cubes, and blend it up. Totally yummy and amazing and I don't feel guilty. So there you go: my very own Berry Spinach Ice Cream is my fave. Yeah, I know. I'm weird.

Thank you Suze for your time!


  1. Thanks so much for participating in the blog tour! And for the great review. I really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Suze,
      Thank you also :D We enjoyed your book. =BookWhales

  2. Interesting interview! :)


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