Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review: The Right & The Real by Joelle Anthony

Title: The Right & The Real
Author: Joelle Anthony
Published: April 26th 2012 by Putanm Juvenile
ARC given by the publsiher
Book Description:
From the author of "Restoring Harmony." Kicked out for refusing to join a cult, 17-year-old Jamie must find a way to survive on her own.

Jamie should have known something was off about the church of the Right and the Real from the start, especially when the Teacher claimed he wasn’t just an ordinary spiritual leader, but Jesus Christ, himself. But she was too taken by Josh, the eldest son of one of the church’s disciples, and his all-American good looks. Josh is the most popular boy at school too, and the first boy outside the drama geeks to give Jamie a second look. But getting her Dad involved in a cult was not part of the plan when she started dating Josh. Neither was her dad’s marriage to the fanatic Mira, or getting kicked out, or seeing Josh in secret because the church has deemed her persona non grata. 

Jamie’s life has completely fallen apart. Finding her way back won’t be easy, but when her Dad gets himself into serious trouble, will Jamie be ready to rescue him, and maybe even forgive him?

My Thoughts:

I totally enjoyed this book! Special thanks to Putnam Juvenile for giving us an ARC. Wow, the story blew me away. It is beautifully written, a light and fast read for readers who wants to read a book with no commitments.

         The story is about a “Cult” called The Right & the Real Church of Christ. Jaime was in a situation of loosing her dad to them. She was asked to sign a pledge, which she didn’t believe in. Her life has completely fallen apart. Not only didn’t she want to sign the pledge, but her dad is now married to Mira, a fanatic to the church.Will she sign the pledge, she didn't believe in?  Or Will she take the consequences of
loosing her dad and be mark as a devil? You have to pick up this book to find out.

          The world-building is very believable. Joelle created a world that is startling. Cults really do exist, where people worships false God. The story appeals to me. I was curious about what goes on inside the cult. The author did a good job in connecting the readers. I was absorbed inside instantly. The Church and its teachings are shocking. It depicts women as the weaker sex. There was also“Brainwashing”. People are easily influenced by a psycho leader. This book gave me chills! It was brilliantly written; simple with array of emotions.

           The character building is excellent. They were realistic! I connected to Jaime instantly. She is strong- minded.  I love her courage to stand up against the Cult. I also admire her love and dedication to her dad. She really did not loose hope; even if, her dad had hurt her. As for the two drool worthy boys, Trent is my favorite. I love how funny and sweet he is to Jaime. I love their goofy dialogues. I ‘am not a fan of Josh, I see him as a weak character. It breaks my heart every time he hurts Jaime. I hate their screwed relationship. Then her dad, Richard is irresponsible and weak minded. He was easily influenced by Mira and the Cult. La Von is also my favorite. He is the epitome of “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

            As for the love angle, YES! There is a love triangle. But the story did not revolve around Jaime’s feelings toward the two boys. For me, it was believable. Trent and Jaime’s blossoming relationship gave butterflies to my stomach.

            Overall, this book is a marvelous read. I recommend this to contemporary lovers. It was a light and fast read. Beautifully written! I look forward to read another book from Joelle Anthony.

       I give this book 4 Whales.


  1. I've been seeing reviews of this book on so many blogs that I really want to read it!

    >.< -sigh- There aren't enough English bookstores in Japan...

    1. Hi Eustacia,
      This book will come out real soon :D I suggest you buy books on http://www.bookdepository.com/
      Theyship in Japan and with no charge


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