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Review: Pitch (Death Day #1) by Jillian Eaton

Title: Pitch (Death Day #1)
Author: Jillian Eaton
Published: May 19th 2012 by Bay Horse

Sixteen-year-old Lola is a daredevil. She likes playing hooky, making out with bad boy Everett James, and stealing cars. The reason behind all of her rebellious antics? Because she can. But what can one girl do against a horde of murderous vampires?

Aided by her sometimes sober father, her best friend Travis, and Maximus, the mysterious stranger who appeared out of no where to save her life, Lola must accomplish what the rest of the human race has failed to do in the aftermath of the world wide massacre: survive.

But how do you survive when everything you know has been destroyed... and the one person you thought you could trust ends up being the most dangerous person of all?


This is a war,he said softly, so softly I had no choice but to lean towards him to. He angled his body to mine. We were as close as two people could physically be without touching. My breath caught in my throat, refusing to go up or down.

What kind of war?I managed to croak. A war to end all wars.His eyes burned into mine. A war to end the human race.

I’m not so sure where to start my review. I had mixed feelings with the end of the story because a part of me expected one thing but I never expect the end. And my sentence would kind of confuse everyone of you. Well, here’s my review:

Being a novelette, this is a very fast read, which I think is alright but I was hoping for more. I think with the idea of the author herself, she can make a full-blown novel out of the story. She could have built up some of her characters more and not just thrown them in the story and make them stand in there. There are some holes in the story that is not explained well because of the shortness of each chapter and the book itself. This is really a great plot and idea but it lacks the length and story build up I was expecting.

Next is the characters itself. Lola, for me, is not your average teen. Well if average for you is a I-will-brake-every-rule-that-I-can is normal for you. She’s the type who does everything for fun. And if I’m her parent I might suffer a thousand heart attacks at what she was doing. Even in the time, she discovered those creatures; she still held on to her character. Stubborn as a mule and irritating to a point, I just want to shake her. I don’t hate her, actually I kind of like her in a weird kind of love. Ok, that’s confusing but for some odd reason I like her rule-breaking streak. But I hate how she won’t listen to herself and how she does a lot of things too impulsively. I feel like she should have chosen some things better. Well, that’s Lola for you.

Travis, on the other hand, is the geek friend of the rule breaker. He’s the other half of Lola. They are the weird Duo. He’s actually the person I want the author to build up in the story. Somewhere, in the story, if you will be reading this, you’ll find a part where you would ask yourself, what the heck happened? I was waiting for something to be explained or even to be shown, I was really disappointed because nothing happened. And that seriously kind of turned me down, I was even creating my own hypothesis but it did not happen. Although, maybe it would happen in the next book, we’ll never know.
Her Dad, who has no name, well he also lacked build up. All I know he’s a drunkard minus the violence and all those things. And he’s your regular average dad still minus the alcohol. I feel there are still things we need to know about him that I want to find out. And I still don’t know what happened to him at the end of the book, I think the author would put it in the next book.

Maximus, the mysterious stranger out of nowhere (according to the author), is the hot guy needed to create a very good story. I actually like Maximus with all his tight-lipped secrets and all those things he doesn’t want to say. For me, he and Lola just fit. They irked each other so many times but yet somehow I felt like they need each other in the story. I really want to know more about him. And something in the end of the novelette where you would actually feel surprise but not so much. I don’t want to reveal too much about him but I have my hunch on what he really is but I never expected the end of the story. And now I’m theorizing on what will happen next. I just feel like…

But I won’t tell you because I want you to read this novelette and find it out yourself. I can’t wait to read the next one and hopefully find answers in a lot of loopholes in the story. Also, hopefully some of my theory is correct.

Well, I give this 4 vampire whales :)

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