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Title: Thirteen Days to Midnight
Author: Patrick Carman
Published: April 12th  2010 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Book Description:

You are indestructible. Three whispered words transfer an astonishing power to Jacob Fielding that changes everything. At first, Jacob is hesitant to use the power, unsure of its implications. But there's something addictive about testing the limits of fear.

Then Ophelia James, the beautiful and daring new girl in town, suggests that they use the power to do good, to save others. But with every heroic act, the power grows into the specter of a curse. How to decide who lives and who dies? 
In this nail-biting novel of mystery and dark intrigue, Jacob must walk the razor thin line between right and wrong, good and evil, and life and death. And time is running out. Because the Grim Reaper doesn't disappear. . . . He catches up.

My Thoughts:

I think this book is one of the not so good books of Patrick Carman. I think his style was lost in this book and I didn't see his usual surprising elements in his other books like Land of Elyon. This book is just a self contained book so there isn't a chance to continue it. 

There were just some elements I like about it like the power itself of being invulnerable. I think it was such a cool power and I just wished it was just used in a much better story.

The thing I don't like about this story is that it was just concentrated in a singular point in different aspect. Revolves around the 3 main protagonist, concentrated in one tiny and secluded place and then the events that transpires are somewhat predictable. And to be honest it was really boring. I just dragged myself in finishing it because I want to know the origin of the power.

And when I was in that part.... the origin was pretty lame!!! Talk about the lamest of of the lame.

I can just say that it is a throwaway book of Patrick Carman.

I give this book 2 whales


  1. Too bad this one didn't work out for you. Thanks for the honest review :)

    1. @Cindy.. yeah too bad... I really expected a alot since its a Carman book but it was a letdown :(((
      _Book Hoarder

  2. Oh, what a shame--this one sounded really promising from the blurb!

    1. @Stephanie.. if you want a Carman book you can still try the others :D
      _Book Hoarder

  3. I very rarely jump into the fray, but honestly, this is a mean, lazy review. I wrote this book, and I can promise you it wasn't a throwaway effort. It took me a year to write it, and a lot of readers think it's my best book. I guess you can't win them all. Patrick Carman


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