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Review: The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy #1) by Jennifer Nielsen

The False Prince( The Ascendance Trilogy #1)
Author:  Jennifer A. Nielsen
Published: April 1st 2012 by Scholastic
Book Description:
THE FALSE PRINCE is the thrilling first book in a brand-new trilogy filled with danger and deceit and hidden identities that will have readers rushing breathlessly to the end.

In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king's long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy named Sage. Sage knows that Conner's motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword's point -- he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed. But Sage's rivals have their own agendas as well.

As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner's sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold, until finally, a truth is revealed that, in the end, may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together.

An extraordinary adventure filled with danger and action, lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.


“Yes, sir, I am your prince.”

I stumbled upon reading the false prince while browsing my kindle and actually read it because I don’t want to listen to my lecture that day. And since then I was hooked. Reading it actually makes me feel giddy and excited on what will happen next.

The whole story is told through the point of view of Sage. Sage, is an orphan, living in Mrs. Turbedly’s Orphanage. The start of the story actually shows his view as he runs away from stealing a roast. Sage is witty, sometimes a liar, but he follows what he promised you. He built up so many fa├žade that you don’t sometimes know what’s real. He can be pretty stupid at times and his defiance to order causes him to many bruises to count. His life begins to change when he was picked by Conner to become a part of his ultimate plan.

Conner is the perfect villain or antagonist of the story. He’s ideals made him feel like what he is doing for the country are what are right. He’s well educated and always tries to wash his hands when Sage questions him. For Conner, what he is doing is for the good of the country.

The story revolve through Conner’s ideal with the reigning royals dead and the youngest prince is known to have been dead long ago though the body is never found. He decided to search through orphanages and find someone who can be Prince Jaron.

Sage together with Roden, Tobias and Latamer was bought from the orphanage and he would then chose after their studies on who can be his false prince.

I don’t want to actually say much about the story itself because I might reveal some integral parts of the story that makes it a thrill to read and discover.

When seeing the way the novel is written, I really enjoy Sage’s ideas and his banter. Ms. Nielsen shows a good presentation of dialogues in the story. Though her description of the place is not as vivid as her dialogues but nonetheless I really enjoy Sage witty remarks and the way he speaks in my mind while I read it.

The cover for me is a bit unappealing, so hopefully a better cover on the next book. Although, as they say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Overall, I enjoy reading this particular novel. I think both gender would love this piece although I think boys would love this more. When reading this you would learn a lot of things along the way and I’m really excited to read the next book. I really don’t want to say more and hopefully you’ll like this as much as I did.

I’m giving this 4.5 crowned whales ^_^

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