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The Zombie Playground (Grisly High #2) by Brian Rowe

The Zombie Playground (Grisly Trilogy, #2) 
Title: The Zombie Playground (Grisly High #2)
Author: Brian Rowe
Published: July 2nd 2012 by CreateSpace
Book Description:
Brin Skar has had a rough couple of weeks. She barely survived the grisly vampire attack in Bodie Ghost Town, the mysterious Paul is now a guest in her own home, and her dad Kristopher, dead for over a year, has emerged from the grave to try to kill his only daughter. After two somber funerals and the baffling disappearance of her Film teacher, Brin decides she needs a break from all the pain and heartache. And what’s a better escape than a round of golf at the brand new Macabre Golf Course? But as soon as Brin and her friends hit the links, strange noises and bizarre sightings begin to occur. And unfortunately for the group, the vampire encounter is going to seem like child’s play… especially when the zombies come out to play!

My Thoughts:

Note: This review will contain spoilers from the first book and a tad bit from the second)
This is the second book of The Grisly High series by blaahhh. It follows the story after Brin and (some) of her friends barely survived the attack of the deadly vampires in Bodie Ghost town. Their experiences were already traumatizing enough, but facing highschool life once again with all those accusing eyes at them only made things worse. Chase and Sawyer are dead. And that's a secret that only they know. 

Brin, our heroine, is already having a hard time dealing with everyone (especially that Paul, her vampire friend is also going to school with her.), but as days pass by, she's starting to get her normal life back, but not until they started to appear.

I really enjoyed the first book that's why when Mr. Rowe asked for a review for the second book, I immediately agreed. 

Unfortunately, I have to say that I was disappointed with the second book. The pacing was too slow for me that I found myself getting bored, that’s why reading this took longer than usual. But I still continued because I wanted to see where the story will go, but the interesting parts only appeared when it reached 60% of the book. The sudden shifts of pov's with random strangers also decreased my excitement for this book, because I think they're not necessary. (although one of them did reappear in the story, but it was still unnecessary. Well at least that's what I think)

Well, I was still able to enjoy some parts of the book, like the zombie chasing part and such. I just wished that more interesting scenes were added. 

I give this book 3 zombie whales.



  1. Oh sorry that you didn't appreciate this book as much as you'd hoped, I think I usually need something major to happen in the first few pages too that would grab my attention. Otherwise I feel forced to read something just for the sake of it. But well done for sticking it through the slow pace. Great review! :)

  2. Great review! Sorry you didn't like it as much as you'd hoped. I hate when a sequel just doesn't hold up to the first book.

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

  3. It's a shame to hear it took so long to get interesting. I'm not sure I would have the patience, but I'm glad you liked parts of this well enough overall. Great review!

  4. Too bad this wasn't more to your liking. I am personally not a fan of the covers in this series and they really put me off (as shallow as that sounds lol). I usually need a book to grab me within the first few pages so I doubt this would be for me.


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