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Blog Tour: Tide (Character Profile of Nicholas)

Book Description
The "Sarah Midnight Triology" continues...

Sarah Midnight is no ordinary teenager. She is a demon hunter, caught up in one of the deadliest wars unknown to man. Orphaned at the age of sixteen, Sarah learned the family trade of hunting without her parents to guide her but under the watchful eye of her 'cousin', who was revealed to be Sean Hannay, no relative at all, but a dear friend of the real Harry Midnight.

Now, in the exciting sequel to "Dreams", the fight continues. Sarah and Sean may have defeated the Scottish Valaya, but the rest of the war still rages on, and Sarah, Sean, Nicholas and their companions must unearth the identity and location of the Enemy - the leader of the demons - before the world plunges into the Time of Demons once more. Their quest leads them to Sarah's family home, the Midnight mansion in Islay, and there they discover horrible truths about the demon ruler, his plans, and Sarah's own personal history.

Along the way, Sarah must battle not only the demons but her hurt toward Sean and her feelings for the enigmatic Nicholas, who has plans of his own.

 Character Profile

This is how I pictured him :D
Nicholas is a man of many secrets. It’s difficult to write a piece about him and avoid spoilers! He’s an enigma with dark plans and a darker past, but as the trilogy progresses we see many different sides to him. Nicholas is strongly connected to the elements and holds many deadly powers – he commands fire and controls animals, amongst many other things.
He comes into Sarah’s life through her dreams, but the dreams soon seep into reality as she starts finding autumn leaves in her books, on her bed, on her doorstep, left by Nicholas as gifts. As she doesn’t know his real name, Sarah decides to call him “Leaf”. She’s fascinated by his handsome dark looks and by his mysterious ways, and finds herself caught in his spell. His hold on her might or might not be of a supernatural nature.
Sean is, obviously, very wary of him for several reasons, one of them being a deep, painful jealousy towards the strange bond between Nicholas and Sarah.
            In Tide, Leaf reveals his real name, and as the story continues, his real identity. I had a lot of fun describing the snippets of his life in Edinburgh, as it’s the perfect setting for him. Nicholas and the dark Edinburgh streets very much mirror each other in my mind. I also liked writing about the softer side of Nicholas, and his troubled past. He is a character that continues to amaze and intrigue me, and I can’t wait to unearth more about him in the next instalment.
            I really can’t tell you any more – too many secrets to be revealed! You really have to read Tide to know more!

"Leaf is the mystery guy in the first book and I've been curious to know more about him.
That's why I can't wait to read Tide!" - Dannielle


  1. Oooh I like your choice for Nick/Leaf! I haven't heard of this series before so I must check it out. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Ooh I kind of like this Nicholas fella already! Like, I want to read it, just to see what he's up to! >.<

  3. I love enigmatic characters and I'm definitely curios about Nicholas now. :) I just read a glowing review for this book earlier today and it has me itching to dive straight into it. Thanks for sharing!


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