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Review: Bound to You by Christopher Pike

Title: Bound to To You
Author: Christopher Pike
Published: August 7th 2012 by Simon Pulse
Book Description:
A thrilling bind-up of two classics from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike.Epic love crosses space and time in these two sexy, suspenseful stories from #1 bestselling author Christopher Pike.

     In Spellbound, weeks ago, a girl’s body was found in the mountain stream after a freak animal attack. The only witness to the tragedy was her boyfriend, Jason. Now, Jason has a new girlfriend. Cindy wants to trust Jason…but as secrets start to come out, she doesn’t know what to believe. And the truth just may be more horrific than anything she’d imagined.

     In See You Later, Mark has fallen hard for Becky…even though she already has a boyfriend. He’s close to giving up when the mysterious Kara arrives, determined to bring Mark and Becky together. But why does Kara care so much? And just how far will Mark go for the girl he loves?

My thoughts:

           I got this book from a book sale. I was hypnotized by the cover. The blue-green eyes of a girl, looking up captivated me. I was also been seeing Christopher Pike’s other books before and haven’t read any of them yet. Bound to You is my first. Did I mention that this has two stories in one book? It was worth the buy.

I’ll start with Spell Bound…

        The story is seen in different perspectives. Though, it revolves around Karen’s death and Jason is said to be the suspect, Karen’s boyfriend. Now, Cindy is Jason’s new girl. Cindy wanted to trust Jason but something tells her that he’s bad news. Then Secrets starts to unravel and Cindy doesn’t know what to believe. Did Jason kill Karen?  Is it someone else? Or something else?  Pick up this book to find our more.

        The world building is bracing. Yep, you will be looking for clues and a suspect who you think was responsible for the killings even if it was tied down to Jason. There were hints here and there which made it more interesting. It’s like a puzzle you are dying to complete. The only problem is that it was predictable. I know who is answerable; I was just waiting for the confirmation.

        The character building is good. They are realistic but the setting is typical, High School. There’s the jock, cheerleader and bully. It was common. Though, I like how the story unfolds through different perspectives. You get to see the whole picture.

         As for romance, there was just a pinch of it. It was not enough to sweep you off your feet. .

Now my review for See You Later…

       The story is very different from Spell Bound. The setting is more on the science fiction.  It’s about Mark who likes this girl named, Becky. But Becky has a boyfriend. Now, Mark met Vincent and Kara. Kara then is determined to bring him and Becky together; but why? There is something mysterious about that girl that Mark can’t put.

The character building is just okay. I connected with Mark. I love how he is such a gentleman. He respects people’s private matters. But Kara irritates the hell out of me at first. She has this mysterious vibe that gives me the creeps. She’s very liberated and over the top when it comes to her decisions and actions. Then I get to know her more. She helps Mark to get Becky out of a bad relationship. I get to love her middle part.  But why help them? What makes Kara determined to get them together?

 What surprised me the most is how the story developed into something more. It was deeper than I thought. There was this huge revelation on the latter part. I find myself on the edge of my seat as the story unfolds.

The only problem is the ending, it was rushed.  I would have liked it if the author made a book solely about this story. It was short, wonderful and left me wanting for more.

 The love angle here is much better than the first. It gave me a huge sugar rush. It was that sweet.

      Overall, Bound to You is a remarkable read. I recommend this book to action, mystery, paranormal and science-fiction lovers. I will definitely read another book by Christopher. He has the talent to lure readers in his stories. It’s eerie and hypnotizing, it will really grab your attention.

I give this, 4 whales.



  1. I haven't heard of these books before but they do sound really good! It's been a while since I read books with a tone similar to these.

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  2. I have not heard of this until now, but I agree that the cover is captivating! It sounds like a great read :)

  3. I love that cover too, Dannielle! And two books for one price? Awesome. These stories sound eerie and creepy and everything I love about a mystery! These are going in my TBR! Wonderful review! :)

  4. I haven't read anything from Christopher Pike, but I do know that he's known for his gripping stories, and it sounds like this is no exception! I might just need to give it a go. Plus, that cover is to die for! Fabulous review, Dannielle! :)

  5. That cover IS very captivating. I don't think I'd be able to resist either. Christopher Pike's books haven't really blown me away in the past, but I do like the sound of See You Later. I'm glad you enjoyed both titles overall. Great review! :)

  6. This sounds really great and I love that it combined so many different elements.

    Kate @ Ex Libris


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