Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pinoy Book Toure: Proxy by Alex London (EXCERPT and GIVEAWAY)


 That was his first mistake.
The next two came in quick succession.
The car swerved slightly toward the guardrail when he took his right hand off the wheel. At that speed, on manual drive, it took both hands to keep the vehicle straight. He’d have known that if he had ever taken a manual driving class.
He hadn’t.
He overcompensated for the swerve, jerking the wheel toward the center lane. That was his second mistake.
His heart skipped a beat as he felt himself losing control. If he hadn’t shut off the augmented reality driving, it would have taken over right then. These cars drove themselves if you let them.
Instead, he tried to brake.
Mistake number three.
An alarm sounded. The car jackknifed, spun sideways, and flipped over at 162 mph.
The stabilizer engine screeched helplessly at the sky.
Or maybe that was the girl.
He felt the car hit the ground and roll. The entire universe shattered into blinking lights and screaming metal. He heard a crunch, a snap of bone. He felt like he’d been punched in the throat.
There was heat, an intense heat, and an invisible fist pulled the air out of his lungs and ripped the sound from his ears. He couldn’t hear anything now, no screaming, no screeching, just the blood rushing to his head. He thought he was upside down. Twisted metal pinned his arms to his sides. He felt the urge to laugh. There was a warm wetness on his face and he tasted something metallic.
And then darkness.
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