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Review: Before I fall by Lauren Oliver

Title: Before I fall
Author: Lauren Oliver
Published: March 2nd 2010 by HarperCollins

Book Description:

What if you had only one day to live? What would you do? Who would you kiss? And how far would you go to save your own life?
Samantha Kingston has it all: the world's most crush-worthy boyfriend, three amazing best friends, and first pick of everything at Thomas Jefferson High—from the best table in the cafeteria to the choicest parking spot. Friday, February 12, should be just another day in her charmed life.
Instead, it turns out to be her last.
Then she gets a second chance. Seven chances, in fact. Reliving her last day during one miraculous week, she will untangle the mystery surrounding her death—and discover the true value of everything she is in danger of losing. 

My Thoughts:

It’s time to make everything right before you fall…

            This book completely blew me away, and a lot of emotions swirled around me as I read this. Sadness, happiness, fear, frustration, anger, I can’t really tell which of them I’m already feeling as I read. It seemed as if all these emotions bombarded me at the same time.
            Before I fall tells us the story of Samantha Kingston, a mean girl—oh wait. I meant a bitch—who died in a car accident, only to find herself waking up on that same day she died. And from then on, she kept on repeating that day and it’s up to her to find out what has gone wrong.  
            I enjoyed reading how Sam’s character grew with each day she repeats, and you can really see how much she has changed in the end. Ms. Oliver did a wonderful job showing how the bitchy, spoiled Samantha turned into a considerate teenager who finally realizes how bad she was before.
            Although the plot wasn’t original, Oliver managed to make it unique, in a way that draws readers into the book and be able to relate to what the heroine is going through.
            Over-all, I really loved this book. I was a bit disappointed with how it ended, because I wished it didn’t have to end that way, but I’m still satisfied since everything was resolved.
            Before I fall shows the readers the effects of bullying to a person and how it can destroy them. It has its moral lessons that everyone can learn from, so I definitely recommend it.

I give this book 4.5 whales.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I actually didn't think Sam was completely a good person at the end. Of course, I probably would have complained just as much if she had turned into a perfect angel, because that would be completely unrealistic. I also understand that she wants to defend her friends, who are still horrible people, because they ARE her friends, but I thought she over the line saying that it didn't really matter how they treated people in high school because they should grow out of it eventually.

    Other than that, I thought the book was well-written and that Oliver did a good job making the same exact day sound interesting multiple times! I'd love to read more of her books.

    1. I agree, but you can still see how much she has changed at the end. (At least she somehow changed for the better right?)
      I just wished her friends also did.

      This is the first book that I've read from Ms. Oliver, and I'm hoping to read her delirium series soon.

  2. I just read this book a few days ago. I'm glad you liked it too! And I agree that in the end Sam had somehow changed even if her friend hadn't. Great review!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it as well Tabitha! Thanks for stopping by!
      -- ICE

  3. Glad you liked it. I've been wanting to read this for a while


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