Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Review: Into the Mist: Silver hand by Steve Finegan

Title: Into the Mist: Silver Hand
Author: Steve Finegan
Book Description:
In the woods behind the park ... buried beneath the ground ... a secret waits. 

Thirteen-year-old Gabe Wrenn is unsettled by his family’s move to the creepy old house on Byrnmor Street. Even more unsettling is the prospect of being the new kid in school on Monday, and the object of everyone’s gawking stares, when all he wants is to be left alone with his sketchpad. 

But unsettled can’t begin to describe how Gabe feels when he first stands in The Woods, an old oak grove bordering the park behind his house, and a mysterious voice summons him to “the Door to the East.” It’s an epileptic hallucination for sure, and another sign that his bullying older brother Sam is right: Gabe’s nothing but a brain-damaged freak. 

This opinion is not shared by Ellie Yvonne, the impetuous girl next door. With disturbing conviction, Ellie declares that Gabe’s epilepsy makes him special. It could even be the key to unlocking the secret of the Brynmor Witch’s bramble-choked grave at the heart of The Woods. 

"Into the Mist: Silver Hand" is the first book in a two-part fantasy adventure story about an unlikely hero who triumphs over isolation and adversity through friendship and a strange new sense of self-confidence that results when he takes possession of a relic of unknown origins.

My Thoughts:                                     

When I decided to read this book at first I was excited. I read the summary and I was immediately drawn to the phrase "the door to the east" because I really like those "other world" type of story. So I said to myself this is a promising book. But I was somewhat disappointed at the overall story and effect of this book to me.

The characters themselves are interesting. Each of the characteristics are suitable in using to this book. But there is something lacking specially in  relating the main character to its counterpart on the other world. I cant say what is it exactly but the relationship isn't there. 

Another problem I found is that I think that it is 2 stories which are poorly merged. At some point I am also confused about the significance of some part of the story. I think some scenes did not contribute to the overall plot of the story. Some of them, even if removed, will not affect the story.

The world beyond the East Door is good. A mysterious place which draws you in. It just need a little bit of more creativity in describing the place.

The resolution of this book is good but I just wished that the level of that ending was the same with the rest of the book.

I think since it was published as an Ebook if this will published in paperback form I think it need to be edited at some part.

I give this book 2 whales.


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