Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Whale Notes: #7 " We are 2 Months Old"

Time flies so fast! Book Whales YA Reviews is now 2 months old! 
A great way to celebrate is to share these 2 awards to our favorite blogs.

1. One Lovely Blog Award 
2. The Kreative Blog Award
Jenn and Meghan @ Owl Read It has awarded us the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you guys!
This award is given to bloggers to show how much their blog is appreciated. Another benefit of this award is to spread the love and allow others to discover awesome new blogs!

Here are the rules for this award:
1. link back to the person that sent the award
2. Follow the person that sent the award to you
3. Pass along to 15 Lovely blogs

We are only going for 5 Lovely Blogs

angiesangelsrkids-furkids has awarded us the Kreative Blogger Award! Thank you so much

Here are the crazy rules for the award:
1. Thanks & link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answers the questions below.
3. Share ten random facts/ thoughts about yourself
4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

We are only going for 5 Kreativ blogs

The Questions.....

Favorite Dessert? 
        TheUnseelieNerd:  Banana Almond Nutella Crepe Dessert.
        ICE: Ice Cream Cake please~♥

       The Book Hoarder: Ice Cream :D

       The Dreamer: Blueberry Cheesecake ^_^ V

   What Ticks me Off? 
       TheUnseelieNerd: Social climbers

       ICE: Fake people

       The Book Hoarder: Copycats

       The Dreamer: People who breaks your trust

 When I'm upset...... 
     TheUnseelieNerd: I do the silent treatment

       ICE: Same as TheUnseelieNerd.
       The Book Hoarder: I show my anger through my face

       The Dreamer: I also do the silent treatment.

Favorite pet? 
      TheUnseelieNerd: I love cats!! I have a cat name Cassie

       ICE: Dogs!! :D

       The Book Hoarder: Dogs :D

       The Dreamer: Dogs. I have one shih tzu and one black labrador

Biggest Fear? 
     TheUnseelieNerd: Heights

       ICE: Cockroaches!!

       The Book Hoarder: Being Alone with no friends

       The Dreamer: Snakes

Everyday Attitude? 
     TheUnseelieNerd: Optimistic 

       ICE: Day dreaming :D

       The Book Hoarder: Happy and Smiling

       The Dreamer: I procrastinate :(

What is Perfection? 
      TheUnseelieNerd:  Perfection is a myth. Flaws make people more real.

       ICE: Perfection doesn't exist, and if it does, then you won't be able  to enjoy the roller coasters of life :D
       The Book Hoarder: Perfection leaves no room for improvement thus making it boring.

       The Dreamer: There is no such thing as perfection. If we are perfect we can't feel the hurt of failing and the feeling of joy when we finally succeeded. IT WILL MAKE OUR LIFE BORING.

My Guilty Pleasures? 
     TheUnseelieNerd: Cocktails

       ICE: Chocolates
       The Book Hoarder: Chocolate

       The Dreamer: A good story.

Random things about us...
We are all from the Medical Field
Books Books Books



  1. Thank you so much for the award! :D I really like it.

    & I'm a new follower now.

  2. Wow, this blog is only 2 months old? My blog is coming up on 2 months, and you guys seem so much more pulled together than I do! ;) Great job! And I love all your pictures for your answers. So cute!

  3. Thank you, and your blog is coming along really well for two months! (:


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