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Review: Dead and Beyond by Jayde Scott

Title: Dead and Beyond 
Author: Jayde Scott
Published: Febuary 25th 2012 by CreateSpace
Book Description:
Amber Reed is a dead girl walking.

Having just been turned by her gorgeous vampire boyfriend, eighteen-year-old Amber Reed is bestowed with the ability to see ghosts. Between trying to figure out how to control her bloodlust and solving the mysterious disappearance of a friend, Amber realizes someone wants to step into her shoes so badly, they’ll do anything to take her place.
When one secret after another pops up, the only person who believes her is her enemy, Devon. Amber can’t figure out if he’s here to help or save his own immortal race from losing the ancient war against the vampires. What she does know, however, is that she can’t resist his good looks just as much as she can’t help becoming someone else…
In a world of dark magic and ancient enemies, three powerful courts fight for supremacy, and Amber might just be the pawn in winning this war forever. But how’s a girl to survive when everyone wants her dead?

My Thoughts:

This is my first book from Jayde Scott.  It was the fourth book of the “Ancient Legend” series. I was surprise that you could read it even without reading the past books. I was totally absorbed in. The story is fast paced and brilliantly written.

The story is about Amber and her life as a new vampire. She lives with her 500 year old vamp boyfriend in Scotland.  She was left at home, while her boyfriend goes out to hunt whatever what’s out there. She has no clue on where Aiden, her boyfriend is really doing. She was hidden behind the shadows, not knowing what Aiden is up to. She keeps herself busy, so she won’t worry too much for her boyfriend’s safety. Amber is a necromancer, able to see ghosts. She also had no problem with blood before, she can survive without it. But what’s with the sudden thirst? Where did those voices come from? You have to read this book to find out.

I was amazed on the world-building. It was haunting and dark. It was also believable. I love books about vampires. This book is not only about vamps but there are shape shifters, shadows, fallen angels and many more. It was a mix of everything, action, mystery, paranormal and romance. This book has no boring moments too.

As for the characters, even without reading the past books, I was able to connect to them. They were easy to love. Amber is my favorite character. She is funny, courageous and sweet. Her failed Nancy Drew moments made me laugh. Aiden is so romantic. His features was described in a mouth watering way, dark hair and sapphire eyes. Who wouldn’t fall for him? Another character that I like is Cass. I was surprise that her father is, the “Prince of Darkness” himself. I also like her energetic personality. There are more characters from the book that I like. You have to read this book to find out more about them.

I can’t help but compare Aiden to Lestat (from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice) Lestat is an ancient vampire and acts like one. Aiden is 500 years old and acts like a modern person. Sometimes, I forget that he’s a 500 year old vampire, while I was reading this book. I hope that he could act more of his time.

Lastly, the love angle was good. It was realistic and very romantic. Aiden’s surprise dates and sweet dialogues gave butterflies in my stomach. He is my dream guy in the fiction world.

Overall, this book is a splendid read. Supernatural lovers will love this book. I will now start reading “ A Job from Hell”

I give this book 4 whales.

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this tour stop and for the great review. I really appreciate your time and effort. Regards, Jayde


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