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Review: The Golden Son (Red Rising Triology #2) by Pierce Brown

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Title: Golden Son (Red Rising Trilogy #2)
Author: Pierce Brown
Publication: January 6th by Del Rey (Random House)
Book Description:
With shades of The Hunger GamesEnder’s Game, and Game of Thrones, debut author Pierce Brown’s genre-defying epic Red Rising hit the ground running and wasted no time becoming a sensation. Golden Son continues the stunning saga of Darrow, a rebel forged by tragedy, battling to lead his oppressed people to freedom from the overlords of a brutal elitist future built on lies. Now fully embedded among the Gold ruling class, Darrow continues his work to bring down Society from within. A life-or-death tale of vengeance with an unforgettable hero at its heart, Golden Songuarantees Pierce Brown’s continuing status as one of fiction’s most exciting new voices.

My Thoughts:

The bloodydamn ending!
I never read a book in so long where it starts with a bang , continues with a bang and ends explosively.
I thought I can't handle all the twists and turns and actions of this book. (Thankfully I survived)

What a great way to start 2015 with this book. First book this year and I am quite satisfied.
Continuing of the events from Red Rising, with a little bit of timeskip, we meet Darrow again.
Pierce Brown didn’t waste any time in reintroducing us to his world. Instead he went straight to the action that will set things in motion.

What really sold me about this book is that it was a series of highs that leaves you wanting more. You want to read the next page, the next event, the next chapter right away. If I didn’t have any work I would’ve finished this book in 1 or 2 days.

Characters are more defined now especially Darrow. Supporting characters are not a waste either. Everyone plays to the bigger picture. Even the antagonists are so interesting that you can’t help but wanting to know them also.
Pacing will feel you a little bit exhausted. You better prepare all your “feels” because Pierce Brown seems to know how to hit your weak spots with his plots twists.

All in all, a stronger book than its predecessor and I will highly recommend reading Golden Son.
All my thumbs up.
Hic Sunt Leones!

I give it 5 book whales!

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