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Title: The Name of This Book is Secret
Author: Pseudonymous Bosh
Published: October 21st 207 by Little Brown Yound Readeres
Book Description:
This is the story of a secret, and also a secret story. Cass and Max Ernest are two friendless 11-year olds who come together to solve the mystery surrounding a dead magician and the clues he left behind. Along the way they must solve puzzles and word games and face incredible danger to answer their questions. Illustrations.

My Thoughts:              

This book caught my  attention when I went to the Metro Manila International Book Fair last 2011 when I was still in the Philippines. They were promoting it because I heard it was a really good series and it was also gonna release its last book. And I decided to read the synopsis and did some background research upon it and then I fell in love with its concept. Do you know Series of Unfortunate Events? Its a 13 book series which will be in my all time favorite book. Well the tone of the story is somewhat similar to SOUE that is why I was really determined to read this book. But back then I did not have enough money to buy it so it was only last week that I bought it. And there was no regret whatsoever after reading the first book.

If there my classes did not resume, I could've finished this book in one sitting but neverthless I still managed to read it within two school days. It is in easy read since it has 360 pages and the font is slightly big. The first thing that is very entertaining with this book is its illustration or drawings for the title chapters. It is always refreshing to see books with drawings on it. Make you feel like a kid again reading some picture book. So that is the first positive thing of this book

The way author tells the story is also funny. Throughout the book he uses as "fun tone" and always leaves some side comments here and there about the main characters. Also you will find that there are some kind of footnotes and appendix the helps the story and provides additional information towards some topics.

The characters are relatable since they are your typical boy and girl 12 years old but at the same time not typical. Since they have some unique qualities in them that are essential to the advancement of the story. Max Earnest and Cass will entertain you with their thought-process.

Even the side characters or the villains are entertaining as well. The author really did create soem quirky world within this story.

Unlike the dark tone the Lemony Snicket used in SOUE, surely this book is fun to read.

The build up done from start up to the climax to the resolution of Book 1 is done beautifully. It presented the overall concept of the story while leaving you with some thing to wander. Makes you want to read book 2 immediately (which I am doing right now )

So, with that long review I hope I convince you to read this book pleaseee :D Give it a try and if you dont like it... well you can blame me...hehe no seriously give this story a try.

I give this book a grand score of 5 whales


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